Dandeli and its surrounding areas boast captivating, top-rated sightseeing destinations. Dandeli hotels organise guided tours to ensure visitors can fully immerse themselves in the finest sights that Dandeli has to offer. Dandeli and Joida are often referred to as nature’s paradise, thanks to their stunning natural beauty.

jungle safari in dandeli


Dandeli, situated in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka, is a renowned adventure destination in India. Covering an area of 8.5 square kilometres and at an elevation of 472 metres above sea level, Dandeli is known for its stunning natural beauty and thrilling outdoor activities.

nagoda backwaters in dandeli


The Supa Dam Reservoir’s serene backwaters are a mere 7 kilometers away from our lodge. The evening sunset point there offers a breathtaking view that promises a memorable experience. Take a short trip to these backwaters in the evening to witness the captivating beauty of the sunset. It’s a perfect way to create lasting memories during your stay.

syntheri rock in dandeli

syntheri rocks

Dandeli’s Syntheri Rock is a captivating natural wonder situated deep within the jungle of Joida Taluk. It stands as one of India’s largest single rocks, offering a breathtaking sight. To reach the rock, one must descend 220 steps, unveiling a mesmerizing view. The water flow here is a year-round spectacle, making it a must-visit destination.

sykes point in dandeli


Sykes Point, one of Dandeli’s most breathtaking sightseeing spots, offers a mesmerizing panorama of lush valleys and evergreen forests. Named after the British engineer who first discovered this location, Sykes Point is renowned for its opulent and unparalleled vistas, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and travelers.

supa dam in dandeli

supa dam

The Supa Dam is a remarkable structure built across the Kalinadi, also known as the Kali River, in the Indian state of Karnataka. It proudly holds the distinction of being the tallest dam in Karnataka. Situated in the GaneshaGudi area, which falls within the Joida taluk of the Uttara Kannada district, this dam serves as a vital engineering marvel in the region.

kavla cave in dandeli

kavala caves

The Kavala Caves, located just 24 kilometers from Dandeli, are renowned as one of the top attractions in the area. Nestled within the heart of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, these natural caves offer a captivating exploration experience, making them a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and travelers in Dandeli.

moulangi eco park in dandeli

moulangi eco park

Moulangi Eco Park provides a tranquil escape from urban life, inviting guests to unwind amidst nature’s wonders. With trekking trails, bird watching, and stunning viewpoints, it’s an ideal spot to appreciate the region’s ecological splendor. This eco-park promises an unforgettable rendezvous with Mother Nature.

crocodile park in dandeli

crocodile park

The Crocodile Park in Dandeli is a thrilling attraction for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Located within the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka, this park is dedicated to the conservation and observation of crocodiles in their natural habitat.

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