Dandeli River Rafting: An Exciting Adventure in the Kali River Rapids

One of the top-rated activities in Dandeli is the exhilarating Dandeli River Rafting. This adventure takes place on the white waters of the Kali River, offering an unforgettable experience with rapids and thrilling surfing throughout the journey. Everyone above the age of 12 can partake in this thrilling adventure.

Dandeli River Rafting Pricing and Details

Government-sponsored Dandeli River Rafting is operated by Dandeli Kali Adventure Jungle Lodges, under the supervision of the government.

Rafting Cost

  • Short Rafting 600 Rs/-
  • Mid Rafting  1350 Rs/-

Dandeli Rafting and Dandeli river rafting price

Dandeli River Rafting is an exhilarating recreational activity involving the use of a raft to navigate the river. If you’re someone who craves adventure and thrills, Dandeli is the perfect destination for you. This locale has always been renowned for its water sports attractions, with Kali River rafting, white water rafting on the Kali River, kayaking, and canoeing. This extensive range of activities is sure to ignite your passion for adventure sports. The sheer excitement of rafting on the Kali River will undoubtedly beckon you to return to Dandeli time and time again.

Whether you’re a proficient swimmer or a non-swimmer, you can experience the excitement of a 3-hour rafting adventure spanning 11 kilometers at DKF. Stringent safety measures, including life jackets, helmets, and trained raftsmen, ensure that you can scream with all your might and savor every moment of the event.

The Kali River is famous in Karnataka, flowing through the Uttar Kannada District, encompassing Joida Taluk and Dandeli Taluk. Its source is in Diggi Place in Joida Taluk, and it’s fed by numerous smaller rivers. The second-largest dam in Asia, SUPA DAM, stores Kali River’s water in its reservoirs during the rainy season. Power is generated by releasing dam water through its gates. White water river rafting in Dandeli is carried out by various adventure groups where dam water is released through these gates. The primary location for rafting is GANESHGUDI, situated 27 kilometers from Dandeli. Rafting requires at least one fully opened gate. Water flows from the dam 365 days a year with half a gate open, allowing various activities to continue throughout the year. The best season for rafting is from October 10th to June 10th. March offers fewer crowds, making it an ideal time for river rafting in Dandeli. The pricing remains consistent year-round, but discounts may be available in February and March. Dandeli’s river rafting location is in Ganeshgudi, Joida Taluk, and operates from 9 am to 5 pm. Government-sponsored river rafting in Dandeli has two slots, one at 9 am and the other at 2 pm. Rafting is halted during the monsoon season due to water accumulation in the dam and reduced power demand. If excessive rainfall fills the dam to capacity, short rafting sessions may be conducted by adventure groups. Dam gates may also be temporarily closed for maintenance or when power generation is unnecessary. While no one can guarantee 100% availability, about 95% of guests can enjoy white water river rafting. In the rainy season, if rafting is not feasible, other activities like Raft Boating, Natural River Jacuzzi, River Kayaking, River Zipline, River Ball Zorbing, and other adventure sports remain open. Dandeli resorts can assist you in making your Dandeli river rafting experience a success. The Dandeli river rafting location is approximately 24 kilometers away from Dandeli resorts.

Short and Mid Rapid White Water Rafting:

Short White Water Rafting is offered by several private adventure groups. This shorter rafting experience lasts around half an hour, featuring one significant rapid and three thrilling surfing opportunities. Even non-swimmers can partake in this activity under the guidance of trained rafting experts. It’s crucial to opt for certified adventure groups to ensure safety, and our guests can enjoy rafting under such certified groups.

Mid Rapid White Water Rafting spans 5.5 kilometers with six rapids. This mid-level rafting adventure lasts about 1.5 hours and includes six rapids and surfing opportunities. Non-swimmers can also participate, guided by experienced rafting experts. Our guest rafting experiences are conducted under certified adventure groups. For detailed pricing and information about Dandeli River Rafting, including Dandeli white water rafting, please reach out to us.